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Author Jitters

Yesterday, I finished the last major revisions on my novel, Pieces of Pink; and honestly, I kind of feel like a super villain. Unfortunately, the part of my brain that takes care of prose has checked out, and the librarians say it’s not due back until Christmas.

So, as I sit here trying to scratch up the words for tomorrow morning’s blog post, I find myself capable of only one thing: poetry.

For better or worse, I have written you all a poem, and I do apologize. So it is with deepest regrets that I present to you:

Author Jitters

Prose is losing volume
through an I.V. drip
at the back of my skull.

I can’t.

My dry-sucked
eyes are melting
through the monitor.

I won’t.

Poetry isn’t my jam,
but it’s sweeter
than jello, squishing
through my fingers.

Don’t make me.

Thank you all for bearing with me. I promise I won’t write any more poetry until after the new year. But until then, please feel free to share your own poems in the comments section below!

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