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Pieces of Pink: Pre-Orders Available!

On March 8th, my first novel officially hits the Amazon shelves. But today, you can pre-order your paperback or Kindle copy!

Available March 8th, 2020: Pieces of Pink

Click here to pre-order the ebook!
And here to order a paperback!

I’m excited to announce that my first novel, Pieces of Pink is now available for pre-order in both Kindle ebook and paperback format.

For more information about the story, click here!

9 thoughts on “Pieces of Pink: Pre-Orders Available!”

    1. Wow! Those are great shots! I took half of my classes through the Sorbonne (at Paris III) and the other half through my college. (They had a little campus called “Reid Hall” with a few other American colleges.) It was only a block or two from Luxembourg Gardens, so it was a really nice part of the city to hang out in!

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      1. Thank you (there’s a post on my blog of photos I took of Notre Dame, if you’re interested) 🙂 I noticed the colleges in the area, although I don’t specifically remember Reid Hall. That really is a great part of the city. Lucky you that you got to study there!

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