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Week 3: Find a Boost

If you’ve been following along with this little series, then over the past few weeks, you should have: set up your website, set your personal deadlines, reached out to potential beta readers for their engagement preferences, and lightly outlined your novel. Now, you just have to keep writing.

Although the next few weeks may feel a bit repetitive, the goal is for you to get as far as you possibly can in your manuscript before you start making any promises about release dates, booking cover artists, or contacting bookstores. There are many reasons to finish your manuscript before you go nuts with marketing and release plans, but mainly:

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  1. Once you start making announcements about your book, you must follow through, or else you will lose the trust of the book community. So first, make sure that you can make good on your promises.
  2. You want to put out the best product that you possibly can. So, you’re doing yourself — and your writing — a disservice if you jump the gun and focus more on the frills than the substance.
Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

That being said, I understand that sometimes you just need a break . . . or at least a little community support. So, I’d like to remind you all that Camp NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow, April 1st, 2020. I’m planning to continue working on my manuscript for the Pieces of Pink sequel, and if you’d like to be my writing buddy, you can search for me using Annelise7692.

Personally, I prefer Camp NaNoWriMo (April and July) to November WriMo, because I enjoy the option of setting my own goals. For camp, NaNoWriMo allows you to set your own word count. Plus, if you’re working on revisions for your novel, you can set revision goals as well!

So, if you’re feeling a little stuck on your manuscript and need a little boost, don’t be afraid to reach out to the writing community.

Good luck with your writing, and don’t forget to tune in next Tuesday for Week 4!

What are you working on right now? If you’re feeling stuck or just want to join in on a little writing community outreach, feel free to comment below!

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